CREATIVE CODING UNIT is a subsidiary of Ai Production Fz LLC, based in Dubai, UAE.
We define ourselves as a design unit that uses data in all its forms to create interactive products,
experiences, and inventing new solutions that exceed boundaries, drive change and shape the future.
CREATIVE CODING UNIT gathers and catalog information, to articulate the data in a better understandable context.
Therefore, a clearer view of our environment enabling data driven resolutions and enhanced by cutting edge technologies,
that allows a better exploration of complex information with an intelligent meaningful perspective that inspires change.
Firas Ershead, Founder & Managing Director.
A filmmaker, programmer & designer born 1977 in Algeria, and raised in Amman/Jordan.
Based in Dubai since 2001, with over 20 years experience, specialized in creating data visualization.
Technical Director on multiple animated series projects.
Has won multiple international awards in broadcast identity creation & corporate documentaries.

email: firas@creativecodingunit.com

CREATIVE CODING UNIT innovated an emerging visual design of the next generation of data analytics, using our knowledge, experiences and future insights. 
We are not suppliers nor service providers, we have interests, and always looking for people & firm that share same interests.
Our interests focus on Data Visualization, Dynamic Branding & Interactive Design.
Developing in-house tools by embedding latest software in our workflow, coding Maya Embedded Language, Adobe Java Script, Python, Processing.
Our tools enables creative solutions to be accessible and delivers state of the art experience.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Dubai Studio City Headquarters Location:
Studio 502, Commercial Building 4, Dubai Studio City, Dubai, UAE
Office : 00971 (04) 362 3301
Direct : 00971 (055) 404 1220
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