CREATIVE CODING UNIT is a subsidiary of Ai Production Fz LLC, based in Dubai, UAE.
A Design unit that uses imagination & technology in all its forms to create interactive rich experiences.
We are focusing on animation and graphic design and coding workflow tools.
SmartUtils is an engineering & architectural software solution.
Dubai Studio City Headquarters Location:
Studio 502, Commercial Building 4, Dubai Studio City, Dubai, UAE

Direct : 00971 (055) 404 1220
Email :
Firas J.Ershead, Palestinian filmmaker, programmer & designer born in 1977 in Algeria, and raised in Amman/Jordan.
Running Ai Production & Creative Coding Unit, Dubai-based production & design house, with over 20 years of experience, specializing in creating data visualization. Technical Director on multiple animated series projects.
Has won multiple international awards in broadcast identity creation & corporate documentaries.
Ai Production Fz LLC, co-founder since 2012
CreativeCodingUnit, the founder since 2018
Awards & Achievements
Winner of the Promax/BDA Arabia 2009 – Gold award – “Best Program Packaging”.
Winner of the Promax/BDA 2010 Design – Gold – Global Excellence Awards.
Winner of the Promax/BDA 2010 Design – Gold – Arab Awards.
2012 Finalist certificate in the category of Industrial Productions at New York Festivals.
2015 YOUTUBE #1 views in MENA: Danyah Cartoon (Technical Director)
Behance Featured projects ( :
2011 Behance Featured Project: Call To Prayer
2012 at MotionServed Projects: Kuwait TV
2012 at Character design served: Characters Design
2015 MotionServed Projects: Al Rayyan TV
2018 at MotionServed Projects: Ramadan Ident